Like All Great Wine the heart of Gramercy’s Merlot lies in the fruit grown in its unique vineyard.

Resting on a three-and-a-half acre, south-facing slope of sandy loam soil, lined with mature trees on four sides, the Gramercy site is a perfect microclimate for growing world class Merlot; what Gramercy winemaker Roman Roth calls, “a little oven” because of the way that the water and cold air drains away from the vines.

This jewel of a vineyard sheds rain, which tends to concentrate the fruit and stress the vines just a touch; a small but meaningful factor which generally means smaller berries, more enhanced flavor, more added color and a deeper, richer extraction.  The vineyard management and winemaking philosophy emphasize working with, not against, the many natural strengths of this exceptional site. The best Bordeaux Merlot clones on California rootstock were used in Gramercy’s vineyard.
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