Carol Sullivan - Founder

I love the North Fork and being around the vineyards, but I never thought I would own one.

Back in 2000 Carol and Erich, who’d been searching to live on the North Fork came upon a charming 140 year old farmhouse in Mattituck, that is still referred to as the “Old Demchuk' place. Originally, a farm which grew corn and cauliflower and raised chickens, she fell in love with the place. Soon after the purchase, she set to work adding a pool, turning a feed shed into a pool house and restoring the farm house itself. Sullivan, a preeminent architectural project manager, soon added an adjoining farm complete with a working fruit orchard and a hay field to the 15-acre farm. It was Erich who first conceived the idea to plant vinifera grapes on 3.5 acres that had been part of the old hayfield, an area which turned out to have uncommon properties that made it ideally suited for the cultivation of wonderfully vibrant Vinfera grapes.

 Suddenly at home driving a tractor or tramping about in knee high rubber boots, Sullivan has found a second love if not calling, amongst the ripening vines of her Gramercy vineyard.

“A year of living in Florence, Italy during college, being around vineyards and learning to love wine, had a profound effect on me. Planting and tending a vineyard has had a greater impact on my life than I ever imagined. Becoming a steward of the land is an immensely satisfying experience.”

Sullivan has also found that an attention to detail is the essential parallel between overseeing architectural projects and making fine wine.

“Our Estate wine is grown with more attention to detail than what most of the larger vineyards do in their reserve blocks. I am now growing what you might call reserve and even uber reserve grapes at Gramercy.”
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