Peter Gristina

Although he grew up in Westchester County, and has received a bachelors degree in Political Science

from George Washington University, Gramercy Vineyard Consultant Peter Gristina is best known for the vast knowledge and experience he’s gained during the 25 years he’s spent growing standout wine grapes on Long Island. Besides Gramercy, he’s also recently consulted at the Clovis Point, Palmer and Faar Wineries.

Under Gristina’s experienced hand, the exceptionality of Gramercy wines starts at ground level, under the vines where a thick blanket of Dutch white clover blocks out the sun’s rays from hitting the soil and germinating weeds.

“The clover is also a legume that produces its own nitrogen nodules that the grape vines actually use,” Gristina says, “so we don’t have to use synthetic or even organic nitrogen in the vineyard.”
In keeping with Gramercy’s prescient philosophy of meticulous care and feeding of the Merlot vines he says:  

“These grapes receive very special attention. We’re doing things in the vineyard that few people are doing, if at all.  The work is done entirely by hand to produce the ripest fruit possible. With my guidance and Carol’s support, these vines are literally being touched every day.”
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