Gramercy wines are made very traditionally with great care and meticulous attention to detail being key.

The grapes are all hand picked and hand sorted.

“If you have one little berry that is damaged by a bird or from a bee sting it will get cleaned out. If there’s a green berry that’s inside the cluster that you can’t see, it comes out,” says winemaker Roth. “It’s like sanding the rough spots out so that you can work in a very rustic way macerating all you can get from the grapes,  this way you don’t have to worry about going over the edge.

The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks using a pump over method and macerating the grapes for a long time, in order to leach out the character and color of the skin. It’s aged in barrique barrels made of French Oak by Seguin-Moreau. This finer thinner stave barrel is used to allow for more oxygen exchange than a normal barrel. After 18 months in the barrels, the wine becomes more concentrated and acquires extra layers of texture, creaminess and complexity. Unfiltered and unfined. Gramercy wines are extraordinarily rich and bursting with a prismatic array of flavors.

“My goal is to express the vineyard, to be authentic to the vineyard,” Roth says. “You have to realize the best quality of the fruit and highlight that; bring that forward and guide it into a character that becomes the style of Gramercy: that unique thing that no one else has.”

Gristina echoes the Gramercy commitment to always being a cut above.

“I’m a big believer in terroir, the personality of a wine that comes from a sense of place, and at Gramercy we’re maximizing the character of the grapes; trying to reveal and capture the essence of Merlot; and also bring out the special character of this unique piece of land.”
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